Why hasn't Sage turned on A-Train yet in The Boys?

Sister Sage clearly knows that A-Train is the leak in The Boys. Why hasn't she turned on him just yet?
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Sister Sage is the smartest person on the planet in The Boys. That’s her superpower, and she’s using it right now to help boost The Seven’s position in the fight against Starlighters. The big question is why she hasn’t outed A-Train yet.

It’s clear that Sage knows A-Train leaked the footage. There was a line in The Boys Season 4, Episode 5 that made it clear. She said the footage “didn’t run” out of the room. That was a clear hint that she knew A-Train had taken it since his superpower is being faster than a speeding bullet.

She even looked at A-Train when she and Homelander confirmed they had the leak. She wanted to see his expression, clearly knowing that he is involved. Yet she remained silent. So, why hasn’t she said anything yet?

Does Sister Sage not actually want Homelander to win in The Boys?

Is it possible that Sister Sage is only working with Homelander right now because she has to? He’s listened to her—nobody else has ever given her that time of the day. She is now the CEO of Vought, completely running the show.

This is a great position for her to be in. However, she still has to deal with Homelander, and she probably doesn’t want to do that. After all, she knows that Stormfront was a Nazi and Homelander was connected to her. Homelander has the Right Wing movement following him, and that means everyone is a threat to her.

So, is she just biding her time? Does she want to make Homelander think that she’s helping him. Instead, she’s playing her cards to find a way to take Homelander down, and she knows that A-Train may be that key? It would certainly seem so when she happily allowed Cameron Coleman take the fall for it all.

Sister Sage may not be all that sure just yet

There is also a chance that Sister Sage doesn’t know yet. She has a feeling, but she isn’t just going to go with her gut.

She’s saying things that will make A-Train react. She wants to see what he does, and she’s waiting for him to slip up. She needs to have proof for Homelander. After all, is Homelander really going to believe that A-Train would work with The Boys?

When the truth came up, it wasn’t A-Train. It was Cameron Coleman. She looked at the way A-Train reacted, making it clear that she knew he had something to do with it. But she still isn’t talking, and it could be so that she can play the long game to get the proof she needs.

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