Homelander isn't the main villain The Boys comics

Homelander is definitely the main antagonist in The Boys on Prime Video, but that's not the case in the comics.

The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

It may surprise you to learn that Homelander isn’t the main antagonist in The Boys graphic novels. After all, the Prime Video series certainly makes him out to be the most dangerous of the lot.

Caution: We are going into spoilers for The Boys comics.

The series made it clear pretty early on that it wasn’t following everything from the comics exactly. After all, just look at the major change to Soldier Boy’s storyline. He is not Homelander’s father in the comics, and Payback was not the original Seven.

So, it’s not all that surprising to find out that the series has changed Homelander and his story. It’s time to delve into the comics to see what the original story was for this formidable antagonist.

Homelander is the secondary antagonist in The Boys comics

It certainly seems like Homelander is the main antagonist at first. Butcher believes that Homelander was the one to rape his wife.

However, this is something Homelander has no memory of. It leads to Homelander questioning everything about himself. Is it possible that he has a split personality? Could an alter ego of his act in ways that he wouldn’t?

After all, Homelander is the strongest of The Seven. He was also the one Vought experimented on before birth rather than afterward, leading to some extra abilities. Homelander was so strong and could potentially end up out of control that he was strapped to a nuclear bomb that could detonate to kill him if necessary. This led to people believing that he had crash-landed on Earth from another planet.

So, did all the experiments cause a problem? It turns out in The Boys comics that Homelander has a clone: Black Noir. It was Black Noir who did all the atrocious acts, and left Homelander believing that he did everything. Yes, Black Noir is the main antagonist.

Black Noir was a clone created by Vought to spy on Homelander. If Homelander got out of control, Black Noir could kill him. Once Homelander found out the truth, he went after Black Noir, only to end up killed in the action.

It’s unlikely that The Boys series will follow any of this. It certainly makes for an intriguing story, though.

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