Is Homelander related to Soldier Boy in The Boys?

The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys Season 3 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Soldier Boy learned why Vought wanted him gone during The Boys Season 3, Episode 7. Does it have something to do with Homelander?

Caution: There are major spoilers from The Boys Season 3, Episode 7 in this post.

During “Herogasm,” we didn’t get to see one thing that happened in the graphic novels. During the novels, Soldier Boy sleeps with Homelander to gain a place on The Seven. Well, we quickly realized that Soldier Boy in the series is not the same Soldier Boy in the graphic novels. That has meant some of the backstory is different.

One thing Soldier Boy has wanted since being saved from the Russians is why his team betrayed him. It turns out that it was Vought’s decision. That was realized as Soldier Boy learned Black Noir was the one who organized everything, and he wouldn’t do anything without Vought’s say-so.

So, what happened? Why would Vought want to get rid of America’s hero? We learned the truth at the end of The Boys Season 3, Episode 7.

Soldier Boy is related to Homelander in The Boys

It turns out that Soldier Boy had a kid in 1981. Mindstorm revealed the truth just before his own death at the hands of Soldier Boy. There are no prizes for guessing who the kid is.

Oh yes, it’s Homelander.

Vought needed to get rid of Soldier Boy to make Homelander America’s new hero. Soldier Boy tells Homelander this, while also making it clear that if asked, Soldier Boy would have stepped down. He would have wanted his son to become America’s newest top hero. He would have been proud as a father. Instead, Vought decided to get rid of Soldier Boy to prevent a threat against Homelander.

What does this mean for Butcher’s deal with Soldier Boy? Will Soldier Boy now side with Homelander, or is he still angry at Vought? I guess we need to wait for the finale to find out the truth.

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What did you think of the twist to Soldier Boy’s story? Did you see it all playing out the way it did? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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