THEM Season 3 is uncertain, but here's why it should happen

THEM: The Scare has come to an end, and made it clear that the series isn't quite an anthology horror series. THEM Season 3 isn't certain just yet, but I think it should happen.
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video /

Another Amazon series has wrapped up a recent season. Now we wait to see if it will be canceled or renewed. It’s all about THEM.

THEM: The Scare dropped all eight episodes at once on Prime Video. It was a great binge-watch that took us through another story of something supernatural going after a Black family. Like the first season, the theme focused on how people react when home is no longer safe.

While billed as an anthology series, we found out that the second season did connect to the first. However, don’t worry if you didn’t watch the first season or you couldn’t make it all the way to the end. The connections necessary were explained well in THEM: The Scare, telling us everything Dawn was learning at the time.

Will THEM Season 3 happen?

When we ended the first season, we already knew there would be a second season. Amazon had ordered two seasons of the anthology series from the start.

This meant that we could go into the end of the first season without being too concerned about an abrupt cancellation. We knew that Little Marvin and co. would have more time to develop the tales of Black America and the racism experienced.

This time, we don’t know if there will be more. Amazon didn’t opt for an early renewal. That wasn’t all too surprising considering the three-year wait for the second season.

In some great news, Amazon didn’t bill the second season as the final season like it did with Hunters and Carnival Row. That suggests that Amazon is willing to give this show a third season if there is the following for it.

We need more shows that focus on the real issues for Black people

When you look at events that happen in the real world, people are quick to say “but it’s not really like that.” And this is up against real events that happen in the news. Many are quick to blame the victims rather than accepting that there is a lot of systemic racism.

It’s important for TV shows and movies to keep the focus on the problem. That’s something THEM has been able to do from the start. The first season brought us a tale in the 1950s, while the second season brought us a story in the 1990s. Both time periods were once of racial tensions and problems, and Little Marvin did not shy away from all of that.

There are still issues now. The show left things open in a way that could allow this show to continue. We could continue with Dawn’s story if Little Marvin wanted, but there is a way to do a third season separate from THEM: The Scare but still connect back to it. There’s the option of Kel having a family of his own, or we can find out that Ruby’s little sister has a family out there.

We also need more well-written shows, the ones that make us think and give us twists that we weren’t expecting. Just look at Edmund’s story. Who realized the twist of it not being in the exact same time period as Dawn’s before it was revealed? There were subtle signs that it was earlier, but it was handled so well.

So I hope to see more of this series. At least the show was able to end well and with closure if it is canceled, and that’s the benefit of it being an anthology series at the heart of it.

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THEM: Covenant and THEM: The Scare are available to stream on Prime Video.