THEM: The Scare ending explained: How it connects to THEM: Covenant

THEM: The Scare brought us the answers we needed about the supernatural entity. We also learned how the series connects to the first season.
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video
THEM: The Scare -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

THEM: The Scare did not disappoint when it came to the horror. It’s time to break down all the reveals that happened in that finale.

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from THEM: The Scare

This horror series was promoted as an anthology series. It meant we had to leave everything from THEM: Covenant behind. However, it turns out that the storyline from the first season did come up at the very end of the second season.

Don’t worry; you didn’t have to remember all the details of the first season to understand the connection. We’ll break it down here, though.

Why was Dawn followed by the supernatural entity in THEM: The Scare?

During the penultimate episode of the season, we finally got answers about who Edmund Gaines was and why Dawn couldn’t remember him. Dawn and Edmund were twins. They were handed over to Mott together, and they were inseparable growing up. However, Mott was an abusive foster parent.

Athena adopted the twins together, but the damage experienced with Mott had left Edmund broken and troubled. Athena couldn’t deal with the things that he did, so she sent him back to the Mott house, despite knowing the abuse that he woold face there.

Kel had already shared that someone in the family would die that night. Well, it was Athena. It turned out that Edmund had killed himself and given himself over to the supernatural evil. He became the entity that got revenge against all those involved in the Mott abuse.

Did Edmund kill Dawn and Kel?

While Edmund killed Athena and started to attack Dawn and Kel, he didn’t end up killing them. Instead, Dawn tried to connect with her twin brother to remember their younger lives together. Now she knew he wasn’t the “invisible friend” that Athena told her he was, Dawn was able to remember some of the abuse that she and Edmund had been through.

She managed to connect to Edmund on an emotional level. This allowed him to break free of the evil supernatural entity that he had given himself over as.

With Edmund gone, Dawn and Kel could enjoy their lives in peace. Dawn had a recording of the racist white detective attacking her to prove she had killed him in self-defense. Dawn was cleared of everything that she had faced and the other detective was named the “red haired man” that everyone had seen. Well, we know who the “red haired man” really was, but it was good to see Dawn cleared.

How did THEM: The Scare connect to THEM: Covenant?

Despite the series being an anthology one, we did get a connection to THEM: Covenant at the end. Dawn and Edmund were the children of Ruby Emory, the elder daughter of Henry and Lucky. She took the babies to the Mott house, sharing that their father had run off and she couldn’t raise the children herself.

She also shared that she was still dealing with the trauma of her past. We got flashes of THEM: The Covenant, making it clear that Dawn and Edmund were the grandchildren of Lucky and Henry. At the very end, as Dawn looked through the box of items that Athena had hidden away, there was a picture of the Emory family with the baby that had been killed before the Emory family move to Los Angeles.

Ruby hoped that the terrible things that had happened to the Emory family would stay in the past. She wanted her children to grow up loved and away from the supernatural trouble. Of course, we know now that didn’t happen.

That wasn’t the only connection. At the very end of the series, we watched as a shadow walked up the stairs to Dawn, where she looked through the box. That shadow? None other than the Tap Dance Man from the first season. The series ends with the chilling “what you gon’ do?,” making it clear that this anthology series has room to grow should Little Marvin and Amazon want to.

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