Pam Grier delves into everything she loves about THEM: The Scare

Pam Grier plays Athena in THEM: The Scare, and she is certainly no stranger to the horror genre. She talked to us about everything she loves about her character and this series.
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn)
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn) /

Pam Grier is certainly no stranger to the horror niche. It’s what made her casting in THEM: The Scare so exciting.

Grier takes on the role of Athena, the mother to Detective Dawn Reeve and grandmother of Kel. She is focused on helping to support her family both emotionally and physically, but she has a secret that she has held all of Dawn’s life. It’s only a matter of time before that secret comes out.

We got a chance to talk to Grier about the role and why this is so special and important to her. What was it like working with Little Marvin?

Pam Grier talks THEM: The Scare

Amazon Adviser: Who is Athena? What drives her in THEM: The Scare?

Pam Grier: Her surviving the Civil Rights Movement, learning how to be that independent woman from the women's movement, taking care of her daughter and her grandson successfully, and allowing her daughter to be guided by her to be a successful, but not stepping on her curiosity.

Then to be vulnerable and show her possible mental capacity being damaged by age and everything that's happening to her, and how she was taking care of her family. Now they may have to take care of her

Grier jumped straight in to tease the secret and how that’s playing with her mind

PG: She has a deep secret, and we all have them, and we have to know when to rely on our confidence to expose it or not, and it's probably been eating her alive. It’s probably a part of her illness

Of course, the supernatural elements of THEM: The Scare play a huge part in the series. How is that affecting Athena?

PG: She's been accustomed to using a washing machine that didn't turn into an aggressive monster and it literally ran her out of the basement. These are issues. Is it a figment of her imagination? Is it her medicine. Is it her dementia? What's happening?

So I have these layers of vulnerability that I have to share with little Marvin and the cast and everyone who's going to see what I have gone through…I'm losing it by the day and I'm afraid. I can't lose it in my real life. I got livestock and fencing and ghosts and real life.

While sharing about the incredible script Little Marvin had for her, she also ended the interview with a comment that made me chuckle.

PG: He’s going to pay for my therapy.

Take a look at the full interview below:

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THEM: The Scare drops on Thursday, April 25 on Prime Video.