Binged Outer Range Season 2 already? Here are 5 shows to watch next

Outer Range Season 2 continued the story of secrets, lies, and sci-fi oddities. Do you need something new to watch now? Here are five shows to continue those themes.
Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin)
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You’ve binged your way through Outer Range Season 2 already. Now you need something else to watch.

One of the issues with a binge-watch release is that we’re left looking for more. There isn’t the anticipation of new episodes each week. The good thing about a show like Outer Range is that there are plenty of shows with similar themes and vibes.

You can watch a lot of great sci-fi shows on Prime Video or with Amazon Channels. Here are the five we highly recommend for your next binge-watch.

Night Sky

We’ll stick with shows on Prime Video to start with. Night Sky only ran for one season, but it brought a sci-fi story of a couple with something mysterious in their own backyard. Irene and Franklin York have a portal to a deserted planet in their backyard.

At least, they think its deserted. One night, someone comes through their portal into their world. Where did he come from, and what does this mean for this portal?

The Peripheral

Another show that only has one season is The Peripheral. This one was supposed to have a second season but it was “unrenewed” during the strike action last summer. It’s a shame because this story had a lot of potential and intrigue.

It’s set in the near future and the distant future. A woman heads into a video game world when her brother can’t, and she finds herself in a future that has been disseminated—and it’s not like her world was all that great to start with! There is a huge conspiracy, people trying to change the timeline, and much more going on. Delve into the series on Prime Video.

Tales from the Loop

Yes, it’s another one-season series, but this was a limited series. The Tales from the Loop story was based on art, and it brings to life sci-fi and hope. Each episode is a standalone story, but each of the stories do connect in some way.

We follow people who live around and work in a place called The Loop. The Loop causes all sorts of intriguing events such as time travel, body switching, and cloning. People are able to make the impossible possible, but it doesn’t all come with hope and happiness. There are some extremely bittersweet and haunting storylines.

It’s another series on Prime Video.

The English

If you love limited series, The English is the next one on the list to watch. This brings the western element of Outer Range rather than the sci-fi element of it. You can watch the show on Prime Video right now.

Set in 1890, the story follows a woman who seeks answers and revenge. Her son has been killed, and she wants revenge. The question is whether the man she believes was responsible really was all that responsible for it.


There have been many comparisons between Outer Range and Yellowstone in recent years. It would seem silly not to include this series on the list of shows to watch after Outer Range. This is also one with multiple seasons and spin-offs to keep you entertained for a while.

The series follows John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. Of course, he’s in a world of corrupt politicians and influential oil corporations who want land for development. Dutton’s property is a constant problem for the various alliances in the area as the town around it expands.

Watch Yellowstone and its spin-offs on Paramount+ with Amazon Channels.

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