Is The English going to be renewed for Season 2?

The English -- Courtesy of Amazon
The English -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer star in The English on Prime Video. Will there be a second season? What are the chances of the show being renewed?

If you haven’t checked out The English yet, head to Prime Video to binge-watch the series now. Of course, you may be concerned about a cliffhanger and then a cancellation. Considering the way thing have gone lately, that’s understandable. So, you’re looking for information about a second season before you watch.

With that in mind, we’re not going to put any spoilers in this post from the series. If you have watched it and want more, this will give you an answer as to whether there will be more to the story or not.

Is The English Season 2 going to happen?

The series was billed as a miniseries when it was first picked up. That would suggest that it’s not going to be renewed, and the ending did seem pretty complete.

Of course, something being billed as a miniseries or a limited series doesn’t mean that we won’t get more episodes. We’ve seen a few end up being renewed, and that includes Amazon’s own Good Omens. So, that does mean there’s a chance we’ll see this series renewed.

It will all come down to whether everyone involved wants to come back. Emily Blunt is a busy lady, and the way to get her in a Prime Video series was likely to limit the show to just one season. It’s more like a long movie commitment for her instead of a year-after-year commitment.

We’re certainly not expecting a renewal, but we will keep our eyes out for things. The great news is the show was written to be a one-and-done storyline, so you can go into it safe from worrying about cliffhangers.

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The English is now streaming on Prime Video.