What you need to know about the Paramount+ price hike

Paramount+ prices are on the rise. Here's what you need to know about the price hike, affecting both subscribers directly and via Amazon Channels.
In this photo illustration a Paramount+ logo seen displayed...
In this photo illustration a Paramount+ logo seen displayed... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The cost of Paramount+ is going up. This is something that will affect those subscribing directly, as well as those who watch through Amazon Channels. You’ll want to know when the price is going up for new and current subscribers.

It’s the latest price increase is timed just later than other streaming platforms have increases their prices. Max and Peacock recently announced price increases, and Disney+ subscribers saw theirs go up in 2023. With the rising costs of producing content, the price increases are disappointing but not surprising.

Not all Paramount+ plans are going up. Those who get Paramount+ with Showtime or Paramount+ Essential via the annual subscription will see prices remain the same at $119.9/year and $59.99/year respectively, according to TVLine.

Which Paramount+ plans are going up

A lot of plans will increase by $1-$2. The Paramount+ with Showtime ad-free plan will go up to $12.99 (a $1 increase), while the Essential plan with ads will go up to $7.99 (a $2 increase). The Essentials increase is for new subscribers only.

Those who sign up for new accounts will see the new prices starting on Tuesday. Aug. 20. If you’re an existing subscriber, the price increase for the Paramount+ with Showtime plan will go up on the next billing date on or after Sept. 20.

What about existing monthly subscribers on the Essential plan? That price will remain at $5.99 per month.

Those on the Paramount+ Limited Commercial plan will see rates increase to $7.99 per month. That is a $1 increase.

This is going to affect customers wherever they subscribe to Paramount+.

As mentioned, it’s just the latest streamer to go up in price. Many more are likely to go up as more content is being made. Either that, or we’ll see more with ad-supported plans, like Prime Video released, as a way to change money.

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