Will Homelander use Sister Sage's weakness against her in The Boys?

Sister Sage has a weakness only The Deep really knew about. Now Homelander has seen it. Could he use it against her in The Boys?
Susan Heyward (Sage) and Valorie Curry (Firecracker) in The Boys season 4 ©2024 Amazon MGM Studios
Susan Heyward (Sage) and Valorie Curry (Firecracker) in The Boys season 4 ©2024 Amazon MGM Studios /

One thing you don’t want in The Boys is for Homelander to figure out your weakness. That’s happened for Sister Sage in the most recent episode of the series.

Sister Sage can’t be killed by a bullet to the brain. We already knew that considering she’s able to give herself a lobotomy and will survive. Her brain regenerates, but it takes time depending on the damage done.

When Sister Sage’s brain is damaged, it leads to her regressing. She wants certain foods, and she’ll act more like a teenager than anything else. It’s something that she’s kept to herself since joining The Seven, except for when The Deep has been around. And The Deep is actually pretty good at keeping secrets when he wants to.

Now Homelander knows the weakness. What does that mean for Sister Sage in The Boys?

Homelander knows Sister Sage got the leak wrong in The Boys

At the end of the episode, Firecracker shared that Tek Knight is dead and Starlight was in the mansion. Homelander realizes that Cameron Coleman wasn’t the leak after all, and Sister Sage got it wrong. Was that on purpose, or was that because she actually made a mistake?

We know Sister Sage has her suspicions about the leak. She has been watching A-Train carefully, but so far, she has no proof that it’s him. There seemed to be proof that it was Cameron, so she went ahead with it, but she likely didn’t believe that he was the leak at all.

The problem is Sister Sage allowed Homelander to believe that Cameron did it. This shows that she will do things for her own gain, and she may not be as loyal to Homelander as he wants. She becomes a liability and a risk.

Will Homelander need to take out Sister Sage in the future?

Sister Sage has made it clear to Neuman that she has the ability to cure cancer and end world hunger. She won’t, though. She’s already tried once and it didn’t help, so why offer humans something good with her powers? She has been underestimated for so long, but Homelander has given her a chance to use her brain.

Eventually, Sister Sage could become a threat to Homelander in The Boys. She may see through everything and realize that she is at risk. As Homelander stops listening to her—which he may do after the recent situation—she will need to take steps to get back into his good graces, or she may want to take him down. Homelander will have no choice but to get rid of her to protect himself. After all, he needs to be adored by all.

Homelander has a way to get rid of her. She isn’t bulletproof, but a bullet to the brain stops her from being able to use her powers. He could keep her locked up and use her to his advantage, causing brain damage when he needs to as a punishment. The question is whether brain damage is a punishment to Sister Sage when she does this to herself, anyway.

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