Has Sister Sage worked out who the leak is in The Boys Season 4?

Sister Sage is the smartest person on the planet. Has she really not worked out who the mole is in The Boys Season 4 yet?
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It seems a little crazy to think that Sister Sage hasn’t figured out who the mole is in The Boys Season 4. Could she have worked it out in the most recent episode?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from The Boys Season 4, Episode 4.

It’s clear that there is a leak. Starlight’s followers got the footage they needed to clear their names. The only way that could have happened was if someone inside Vought Tower took it to The Boys.

She initially put the blame on The Deep, which isn’t all that surprising. He’s the one in charge of security, so he is the initial one accused. Isn’t that always the way?

Only we know that it wasn’t The Deep. It was another disgruntled member of The Seven. A-Train is the mole.

Did Sister Sage put it together in The Boys Season 4, Episode 4?

During a meeting with The Seven, the group talk about the latest plans to take down Starlight and her followers. A-Train gets a text part way through, leading to Sister Sage looking over at him. Nobody else paid attention to A-Train’s phone going off, but she did.

Of course, as the smartest person on the planet, she’s curious about what everyone else does. She is looking out for a mole, so anything that seems out of the ordinary is going to catch her attention.

A text on its own isn’t enough to make it look like A-Train is guilty of being the mole, though. She’d need to see his messages for that. Considering A-Train has a family and is working on a movie, getting text messages doesn’t seem completely out of the ordinary.

Will Sister Sage find a way to follow A-Train?

There seems to be some sort of suspicion, though. I thought when we saw someone watching A-Train meet with Hughie and Kimiko, we’d find out that Sister Sage followed him or found out where he was meeting people. It’s not so easy to follow A-Train considering his speed!

That wasn’t the case. It was Shining Light who had followed Kimiko, forming an attempt to kill her.

It shouldn’t take long for Sage to work it all out, though. Finding the leak is important, and we all know that moles end up getting caught. The question is how long it will take, and whether by that point, Sage will see the bad that The Seven truly is. Right now, Homelander needs her so he treats her nicely. How long until all that changes?

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