Every DVD and Digital release happening this week: Silent Night and more

Silent Night is just one of the big DVD releases happening this week. Here's everything on DVD and Digital on Tuesday, Jan. 30.
Closing Night Red Carpet - The Red Sea International Film Festival 2023
Closing Night Red Carpet - The Red Sea International Film Festival 2023 / Tim P. Whitby/GettyImages

The last Tuesday of January 2024 is almost here. Can you believe we’re almost at the end of the first month of the year? Of course, Tuesday means the release of movies and shows on DVD and Digital.

This week sees some big releases. One of those is the Joel Kinnaman Christmas movie Silent Night. Well, it’s not really a Christmas movie. It just happened to be released at Christmas and has a title that connects to it. This one follows a man who gets revenge on the gang members who were responsible for the loss of his voice and the death of his son.

It’s not the only holiday-style movie to check out. Make sure you get all these notable releases.

Wonka, Thanksgiving, and more

There is only one release on Digital planned for Tuesday, Jan. 30 at the time of writing this. It’s all about the Warner Bros. movie Wonka. This is a look at how Willy Wonka became the mysterious and crazy chocolatier that he is known as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will not want to miss out on this musical movie.

If you’re looking for DVD releases, there is a lot more on offer. One of those is all about Thanksgiving. The horror movie Thanksgiving was a surprising success. It follows a serial killer who attacks during the town’s Thanksgiving parade. At first, the kills look random, but there is a huge connection to the victims. Will it help the cops find the killer?

For those who love crime dramas, you’ll be happy to hear that Magnum PI Season 5 is coming to DVD this week. The full fifth and final season will be available on one boxset.

All the DVD releases happening this week

Dreaming Whilst Black Season 1
The Inventor
My Sailor, My Love
Magnum PI
Season 5
The Puppetman
Silent Night

All the Digital releases happening this week


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