Is Thanksgiving 2023 on Amazon?

If you’re in the mood for a horror movie this holiday season, you’ll want to check out Thanksgiving in theaters. Where will it stream online?

As many people get into the holiday spirit, some of us still love horror movies. Well, Sony Pictures is not disappointing with the 2023 movie Thanksgiving.

This movie takes us to Plymouth, Mass, shortly after a Black Friday riot. An ax-wielding maniac decides to take advantage of the tragedy, striking victims at random. At least, it looks like there’s a random pattern at first, but we all know that serial killers have a bigger and more sinister plan.

Is Thanksgiving movie on Prime Video?

Don’t expect to see this movie on Amazon’s streaming platform. At least, not at first. It could come to Prime Video in the near future.

Sony has a deal with Netflix right now, so that is where the movie will go at first. It will be sometime in early 2024. After that, it’s not clear where it could go to stream as that will depend on who gets the next license.

Is Thanksgiving on Amazon Video?

There is always another way to watch movies released in theaters on Amazon. It’s all about the digital release, which means you can buy or rent the movie on Amazon Instant Video.

No, this is not Prime Video. Look at the two Amazon sections as separate entities. Amazon Instant Video is the equivalent of iTunes and YouTube while Prime Video is the equivalent of Netflix.

It’s not clear exactly when this movie will come to Digital. We have seen Sony releases happen within a month or two, but sometimes, they take a little longer. Horror movies don’t tend to do that well in theaters, so we could see it within the next month or two, at least to rent if not to buy.

Thanksgiving is currently in theaters.