Silent Night DVD release date set for January 2024

Are you ready to add Silent Night to your DVD collection? There isn't too much longer left to wait.
Closing Night Red Carpet - The Red Sea International Film Festival 2023
Closing Night Red Carpet - The Red Sea International Film Festival 2023 / Daniele Venturelli/GettyImages

We don’t always want a feel-good Christmas movie. Sometimes, we need something that involves murder and mayhem, and that’s what the movie Silent Night offers.

Joel Kinnaman plays a man out for revenge after the death of his son. It’s the plot of a lot of movies, and this one just happens to be set at Christmas. The “silent” part of the title also comes from the wounds Kinnaman’s character suffers in the same attack that killed his son. He’s lost his voice.

You’ll want to add the latest horror to your DVD collection. The good news is there isn’t long to wait for it now. Here are all the details you need, including how to pre-order.

When is Silent Night on DVD and Blu-ray?

You can add Silent Night to your DVD collection on Tuesday, Jan. 30. We didn’t predict when this release would be, but it does seem a little on the early side. However, Lionsgate didn’t make a huge deal about this release compared to the likes of John Wick: Chapter 4.

This isn’t a movie that’s available to pre-order at the time of writing this. You’ll want to keep an eye on the Amazon listings for it. Pre-ordering is a great way to get it at its cheapest, as Amazon includes the price guarantee for all pre-orders.

What about on Digital? Well, the great news is you can already get the movie on Digital via your favorite platforms. If you are going to wait until the DVD release, you’ll be able to get a combo pack that includes the movie in two formats for the price of one. It is worth waiting, especially if you know you’ll get the DVD anyway.

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Silent Night is coming to DVD on Tuesday, Jan. 30.