Bottoms Prime Video: The comedy hit is now streaming free

Are you looking for comedic movie to break up the week? Bottoms is now streaming free on Prime Video.

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We all need a good laugh. That’s why comedy movies are so great. They entertain us for the sake of entertainment rather than anything else. The great news is one comedy movie is now available to watch. You can watch Bottoms on Prime Video for free.

You will only need your Prime membership to watch the movie. There are some ads if you keep the basic membership, but those ads aren’t anything too intrusive from what I’ve seen while watching shows and movies. However, if you do want to get rid of the ads, you can pay $2.99 per month.

What is Bottoms Prime Video about?

The comedy movie is a great way to break up the week. It’s also a great option on Valentine’s Day for those who aren’t really in the mood for love.

Bottoms on Prime Video follows two friends who aren’t all that popular in school. They decide that it’s time to lose their virginity, and the best way to do that is to set up a little club. This isn’t just any club. They set up a fight club.

When you think that something like that could go wrong, you wouldn’t be mistaken. PJ and Josie end up in way over their heads. Suddenly, the popular girls start to beat up each other. Of course, they claim self-defense.

What can PJ and Josie do to protect their club and avoid getting in trouble? Well, you’ll definitely want to tune into this movie to find out.

Bottoms on Prime Video has scored well on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a 90% score from the Tomatometer, but it also holds an 89% audience score. It’s nostalgic and fresh all at the same time. Just don’t watch it with the kids!

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Bottoms is now available to stream on Prime Video.