2024 renewed and canceled TV shows scorecard: Could Amazon save anything in 2024?

As we close in on the end of another TV season, we know cancellations are going to happen. Could Amazon step in to save any shows in 2024. We take a look at some predictions.
STATION 19 - "This Woman's Work"- Andy steps into the station's captaincy as Jack's life hangs in the balance. The team is called to a hostage situation. Natasha fights for her career, and Maya and Carina make a choice. THURSDAY, MARCH 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/James Clark)
STATION 19 - "This Woman's Work"- Andy steps into the station's captaincy as Jack's life hangs in the balance. The team is called to a hostage situation. Natasha fights for her career, and Maya and Carina make a choice. THURSDAY, MARCH 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/James Clark) JASON WINSTON GEORGE, JAINA LEE ORTIZ /

What are the chances Amazon will save the bubble and canceled shows?

It’s that time of year again when TV shows are canceled and renewed. We’ve found out about a lot of great renewals, but there have also been some cancellations. There are a lot of shows still on the bubble in 2024. Could Amazon step in and save anything?

Amazon doesn’t step in to save a lot when its canceled by a broadcast network. We’ve seen the odd saves, such as The Expanse after Syfy canceled it after three seasons and American Rust when Showtime canceled it after one strong season.

This doesn’t mean Amazon won’t step in, though. It will depend on international viewership and potential.

We’re taking a look at all the broadcast shows and whether they’ve been canceled or renewed. Those on the bubble, we’ll look at whether they could end up being canceled. Then for any show canceled or potentially canceled, we’ll look at the chances of Amazon saving it.


911: Officially renewed for Season 8
Abbott Elementary: Officially renewed for Season 4
The Conners: A sure renewal
The Good Doctor: Officially canceled
Grey’s Anatomy: Officially renewed for Season 21
Not Dead Yet: Potentially canceled
The Rookie: Potentially canceled
Station 19: Officially canceled
Will Trent: Officially renewed for Season 3

There is a huge fight for fans of Station 19 to save it, but I don’t think Amazon would be the one to step in. It doesn’t quite fit the types of shows already on the network, and it’s always streamed on Hulu the following day and on other streamers around the world. That makes it harder for Amazon to track the rating potential. Also, it would be harder to make it work considering how many crossover moments with Grey’s Anatomy there are with two different networks.

The Good Doctor also likely won’t be saved by Amazon. It doesn’t even look like there is as much of a campaign for this series compared to Station 19, and it looks like the writers did have time to wrap up some storylines. It’s a shame after that shocking death recently and why it was so important to include.

I’m not 100% sure that The Rookie will be canceled. The ratings have dipped heavily, but it remains a decent performer on a Tuesday night. The timeslot is also a tricky one when it goes up against FBI Tuesday. So, I could see it just getting through another season. If it doesn’t, I don’t think Amazon will save it. While the show would work great in the lineup of other originals, it’s one of those shows that doesn’t get a singular streaming home around the world so it would be harder for Amazon to track.

Not Dead Yet is a likely cancellation on the comedy front. I would love to see Amazon step in to save this one, though. I think the format with the supernatural element to it is perfect, and Amazon doesn’t have enough half-hour comedies. We need more of this.


Blue Bloods: Officially ending with Season 14
Bob Hearts Abishola: Officially canceled
CSI: Vegas: Potentially canceled
The Equalizer: Likely renewed
Elsbeth: Potentially canceled
FBI: Probably renewed
FBI: International: Probably renewed
FBI: Most Wanted: Probably renewed
Fire Country: Officially renewed for Season 3
Ghosts: Officially renewed for Season 4
NCIS: Probably renewed
NCIS: Hawaii: Probably renewed
The Neighborhood: Likely renewed
So Help Me Todd: Likely renewed
SWAT: Officially ending with Season 7
Tracker: Officially renewed for Season 2
Young Sheldon: Officially ending with Season 7

The only shows that are potentially canceled are CSI: Vegas and Elsbeth. I don’t see Amazon saving CSI: Vegas. I would like that to go to Paramount+ for another season as that’s where the viewership numbers are.

Elsbeth is a possibility. This is a spin-off series of The Good Wife, and it has a fun premise. The scheduling decisions by CBS are what make me think it will be canceled, but it does have potential, and Amazon knows that there is a loyal fanbase from its parent show. Considering the likes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Elsbeth does suit the streamer with its quirkiness.


911 Lone Star: Season 5 is delayed to fall 2024
Accused: Season 2 hasn’t premiered yet
Alert: Missing Persons Unit: Likely canceled
Animal Control: Officially renewed for Season 3
Bob’s Burgers: Officially renewed for Season 15
The Cleaning Lady: Likely canceled
Family Guy: Officially renewed for Season 23
The Great North: On the fence
Grimsburg: Officially renewed for Season 2
HouseBroken: Likely unofficially canceled
Krapopolis: Officially renewed for Seasons 2 and 3
The Simpsons: Officially renewed for Season 36

When it comes to the animated comedies, Amazon doesn’t do a lot of them. We get adult animation, but not a lot of animated comedies, so I doubt those will be saved.

What about The Cleaning Lady or Alert: Missing Persons Unit. The one that has the most potential on Prime Video is The Cleaning Lady. It suits the tone of other shows within the same genre, such as Reacher and Jack Ryan. However, it’s rare that Fox shows are saved, but out of every single broadcast bubble show, The Cleaning Lady has the most potetial in terms of genre.


Chicago Fire: Officially renewed for Season 13
Chicago Med: Officially renewed for Season 10
Chicago PD: Officially renewed for Season 12
Extended Family: On the fence
Found: Officially renewed for Season 2
The Irrational: Officially renewed for Season 2
Law & Order: Officially renewed for Season 24
Law & Order: Organized Crime: Potentially canceled
Law & Order: SVU: Officially renewed for Season 26
Lopez vs. Lopez: Potentially canceled
Night Court: Likely renewed
Quantum Leap: Likely canceled

There aren’t many sit-coms on Prime Video, which makes the saving of Extended Family or Lopez vs. Lopez unlikely. This type of programming is more suited to the broadcast era. Just think about the types of comedies that we do get on streaming platforms.

Quantum Leap is the one that I could see potentially being saved if the international ratings have been strong. Let’s not forget that there are a lot of time travel and sci-fi shows on Prime Video. This is a great place to put this revival. However, I don’t think the international ratings have been great, and not enough people heard about it or felt like it was necessary without answering the exact question of where Sam Beckett is. With that, I’d say it’s not being saved.

The CW

All American: Too early to tell
All American: Homecoming: Too early to tell
Sight Unseen: Too early to tell
Sullivan’s Crossing: Officially renewed for Season 2
Superman & Lois: Officially ending with Season 4
Walker: Too early to tell
Wild Cards: Potentially canceled

Let’s be honest; Superman and Lois is not getting saved by Amazon. The season is being set up as the final season, and it brings an end to the Arrowverse shows on The CW. There is no reason to keep it going.

Most CW shows are only just starting up, but Wild Cards has been running since January. This is a difficult one to judge on being saved as it’s not just a U.S. show. It’s a joint venture with CBC. If one network drops out, it’s difficult to keep it going. However, Amazon could step in to help CBC keep it going if The CW drops out, but this just isn’t really a type of series that I could see doing well with the Prime Video audience. I could see it doing better on Netflix. If CBC drops out, then it’s likely going nowhere.

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