Do Philo and Vignette end up together in Carnival Row Season 2?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

Carnival Row Season 2 saw Philo and Vignette split up with both choosing different ways to fight the fight. Did they find their way back to each other?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Carnival Row Season 2 finale.

At the end of Carnival Row Season 1, Philo chose to give up his somewhat comfortable life for a life with Vignette on The Row. Of course, with their views on how to bring freedom to the fae, their love wasn’t going to be enough.

During the second season, they realized that they couldn’t make it work. That didn’t stop us from hoping that they would find their way back to each other. Would they get back together in the series finale?

Vignette didn’t choose Philo in the Carnival Row series finale

It was bad news for Philo. As Vignette realized that her love for Philo wasn’t enough, she also realized that she loved another. It was always about Tourmaline.

Vignette refused to allow something to happen to Tourmaline. She put everything to one side to save Toumaline’s life from the Sparas, and Philo even helped.

With the Sparas dead, Philo and Vignette were able to admit their feelings. Vignette would always love Tourmaline just like how Philo loves Vignette. Philo understood, and he left Vignette and Roumaline to live their lives together.

We see at the very end that Vignette and Tourmaline marry. They are somewhere outside of The Burgue, suggesting that they have finally gotten away from it all and they are just focused on the two of them. Of course, revolution is always an option and maybe something will happen to pull them back in, but we’ll never really know. Carnival Row‘s Season 2 finale was the series finale.

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