What does the Sparas want in Carnival Row?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The creature in Carnival Row Season 2 has been identified as a Sparas. Why is this creature now in The Burgue and what does it want?

We’re just over the halfway point, which means we need a few answers. Carnival Row Season 2, Episode 6 did not disappoint when it came to some answers about the creature. It’s called a Sparas, and it was once thought extinct.

Well, during the war, the creature was not extinct. This species lived in a particular valley, and the humans knew that it was a huge threat to them. Philo wanted to use the Sparas against The Pact to allow The Burgue to escape, but The Burgue officers had other ideas. They wanted to get rid of the dangerous creatures once and for all.

That led to Philo reluctantly giving the order to bomb the valley the Sparas lived. He watched the Sparas burn, but it turns out that at least one survived and is now in The Burgue.

What is the Sparas doing in Carnival Row?

During the war, the Sparas only went after the humans. When a Sparas sniffed the Pix in Philo, she let him go. It’s clear that she only wanted to hurt humans, but that has changed in The Burgue. We know the Sparas has killed both human and fae.

Berwick thinks he knows what this creature is doing. It wants to create a war between human and fae. The death of the first human came after the train robbery by fae. The deaths of Dahlia and Bolero came after the Black Raven infiltrated the dinner. The Sparas knows that it can create chaos in the fight and make human and fae fight each other, potentially blaming both for the near-extinction of its kind.

However, the Sparas doesn’t necessarily want to kill other fae unless necessary. It did save Vignette when she was about to be executed.

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