Carnival Row Season 2 recap guide: All 10 episodes explained

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Carnival Row Season 2
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Breaking down each episode of Carnival Row Season 2

Carnival Row Season 2 is dropping two episodes each week. You’ll find a recap of every single episode as they drop in this post.

With Carnival Row Season 2 finally here, you’ll want to get a breakdown of everything that’s going on. This is an intricate series with a lot of magical elements mixed in with real-world problems.

This season promises a huge revolution. It’s also the final season, which suggests some big moments to come toward the end. Here’s a breakdown of each of the episodes as they happen.

Carnival Row Season 2 premiere

The premiere episode picks up not too long after the first season finale. Jonah Breakspear is dealing with his new position of authority after the deaths of both his parents. Of course, he was part of the reason for all fae to be pushed to The Row only, but he makes a point of the Iron Fist he will rule with by executing some fauns. He claims they killed his parents, but it’s clear they haven’t been through a trial.

Philo and Vignette in The Row

The Burgue is split between humans in the main part of town and the fae stuck in The Row. The humans aren’t giving over too many supplies, and it’s clear that the fae are dying from sickness. Vignette feels bad for encouraging the fae to follow her to this place, so she will do what she can to save them. That includes risking her life to steal from a supply train.

It turns out the conductor on the supply train is killed. He’s strung up high, and the humans believe a faerie did it. Berwick knows that Philo could help, so pulls him from the Row to get his thoughts. Philo refuses to help. He will not be an inside man, and it’s not like the rest of the coppers want him. Sergeant Dombey makes it clear that a “critch” isn’t welcome.

Philo and Vignette are happy-ish together right now, but it’s clear things are going to take a turn. By the end of the episode, Vignette is burned with the symbol for the Black Ravens, making it clear that she is a member of the group. Philo won’t be happy about that.

Tourmaline gets visions

Throughout the episode, Tourmaline started experiencing something new. She kept seeing visions of things to come and the Haruspex was there. We know the Haruspex died during the first season, and Tourmaline was in the room when that happened.

It looks like Tourmaline has the abilities. Now she needs to figure out what to do with her abilities and what the visions mean for the future. She doesn’t have long to control her powers.

Imogen and Agreus sail away

At the end of the first episode, Imoge and Agreus got away just before the ports closed. It turns out that they’ve remained on the ship since then. They make port for supplies but they never get off the ship to explore.

Imogen is clearly scared her brother will find her. Making port means that he can get on the ship, and that concerns her. Agreus wants them to make port on a bit more of a permanent basis, though.

They may not have a choice. A large blimp shows up and makes it clear that Agreus’s ship needs to follow it. Who is it, and what does it want?

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