Is Philo in Carnival Row Season 2?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

Rycroft Philostrate announced that he is part fae in the Carnival Row Season 1 finale. Will we get to see him back in Carnival Row Season 2?

We got to learn a lot about Rycroft Philostrate during the first season of Carnival Row. He is a “critch,” as the humans call him. That’s a derogatory term for the fae, and Philo is half fae. He had his wings cut from him when he was just a baby, allowing him to blend in with the humans.

We opened with him as a trusted and skilled detective, but it didn’t take long for his secrets to come out. Not only did many of the cops not like the fact that he wanted to help the fae, but they then learned the truth about who his mother was. Now if only they knew that his father was actually Absalom Breakspear.

It turned out that Absalom’s wife, Piety Breakspear, learned of the connection. She used magic to send the Dark Asher after Philo in the first season. Of course, the fae were blamed for the deaths of Absalom and Piety, and it led to the humans to banish all fae to The Row. Philo made it clear what he was at this point so he could be with Vignette.

Is Philo in Carnival Row Season 2?

Will we get to see Orlando Bloom’s character back in the second season? You can bet it. In fact, it was partly due to Bloom that there has been a delay in getting this season. After filming returned after the pandemic shutdowns, Bloom was taking time off after the birth of his child with Katy Perry.

Philo remains an important character in the second season. He needs to figure out who is killing the humans as it looks like some of the fae, and we know there is a rebellion. However, he doesn’t want to become the human’s inside man—and it’s not like the cops really want to trust him anyway considering how long he pretended to be pure human.

We will get to see Philo and Vignette together for some of it. Can the two make things work as they seem to have different ideas of justice and how to help everyone in The Row?

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