What is Class of ’07 on Prime Video about?

Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Class of '07 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Class of ’07 is one of the new shows arriving on Prime Video this week. What is this dramedy going to be about? Is it worth the watch?

There is some great news for Prime members this week. There’s a lot of new content arriving. As well as new episodes of Daisy Jones and the Six and the Carnival Row series finale, we’ll get a few new shows. Class of ’07 is just one of them.

All episodes of this post-apocalyptic series will drop at once. Not sure about whether it’s going to be for you? Here’s a look at the synopsis of the series to get an idea of what to expect. This is for those who love the comedy side of apocalypse shows. I’d say if you like the sort of show like The Outlaws, you’ll enjoy this one.

Class of ’07 synopsis

The series follows a group of women who head out to their 10-year high school reunion. Not everyone wants to be there. High school reunions are torture for a lot of people. We just want to forget about that time, and we’re not interested in seeing how some people’s lives just haven’t changed (and that’s not always a good thing, Mean Girls!).

What makes this one a lot worse is the apocalyptic event that happens during it. Yes, a literal apocalyptic event. There’s a tidal wave that cuts off the venue of the reunion from the rest of the world.

Now this group of women is stuck with each other, while they attempt to survive the aftermath of the disaster. Can they work together, or will they just end up killing each other?

Check out the official synopsis for Class of ’07:

"Class of ’07 is a comedy about a never-ending high school reunion with life and death stakes. When an apocalyptic tidal wave hits during the 10-year reunion of an all-girls high school, a group of women must find a way to survive atop the island peak of their high school campus. Now freshly entangled in decade-old drama, their greatest threat to survival isn’t the end of the world, but each other. A love letter to female friendship, Class of ’07 is about old friends finding their way back to each other, in the most absurd of settings: the apocalypse."

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Class of ’07 is streaming on Prime Video on Friday, March 17.