Is Riley Keough really singing in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Riley Keough (Daisy)
Riley Keough (Daisy) /

There is a lot of original music in Daisy Jones and the Six. A lot of the time, other singers can be brought in, but is that Riley Keough’s voice in the music?

Daisy Jones and the Six has dropped its first three episodes. You’ll have a chance to hear some of the original songs written and recorded for the series. Now the question is whether these songs are sung by the cast members.

After all, it’s easy for shows to cast actors who can’t sing and then have someone else record the music, right? That’s even brought up in the series as one point. So, is Riley Keough really singing Daisy Jones’s parts or did the show hire someone?

During the auditioning process, Riley tells People that she lied about her singing abilities. Up to this point, she hadn’t ventured into music despite coming from a musical family (she’s the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley), and she lied about how well she could sing. Did it pay off?

Is Riley Keough singing in Daisy Jones and the Six?

Yes, that is Riley Keough’s voice in the series. She can really sing, which shouldn’t be surprising considering her lineage. In fact, if you listen closely, there are times that you can hear she is the granddaughter of Elvis.

Before the series, Riley hadn’t sang much except for in the shower. Her journey is very much like Daisy Jones in the beginning as she tries to find her voice and sound.

In fact, she isn’t the only one really singing in the show. Sam Claflin is also really singing in Daisy Jones and the Six, and yes, they are original songs that the band performs.

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Daisy Jones and the Six airs Fridays on Prime Video.