As We See It cancelled after one season at Amazon

As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC
As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein / © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC /

In more disappointing news from Amazon, As We See It has been cancelled after one season. Why has Amazon made this decision?

Considering we hadn’t heard anything about the series since it dropped back in January, we did fear the worst. Usually, Amazon renews shows within a couple of months. It’s rare that it takes almost a year to make a positive decision.

TVLine confirmed the disappointing news. There will not be a second season for As We See It, a series that sees three adults on the autism spectrum (the actors are, too!) navigate the world around them.

It did receive positive reviews, and it was a well-written series. This is the type of inclusivity we need, so why would Amazon make such a disappointing decision?

Why has Amazon cancelled As We See It?

Sadly, there isn’t a reason given. This usually means that Amazon wasn’t happy with the streaming numbers when the series dropped. Of course, without Amazon giving an official reason, we are just playing a guessing game.

It’s another case of Amazon failing the series. Like Night Sky and Paper Girlsthis was a new series that just didn’t get the promotion that it deserved. Amazon has been so focused on promoting The Lord of the Rings (which arguably didn’t need as much promotion considering the hype for the last five years) that it hasn’t put the focus on the newer shows that did need the support.

The new shows aren’t the only concern. The Wilds was cancelled after two seasons earlier this year. We’re still waiting on a decision for Undone, which dropped its second season back in April. And we’re still waiting to see Carnival Row Season 2 and Hunters Season 2. All these shows have had minimal news and updates from Amazon, and it’s not surprising that fans have or may fall by the wayside.

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As We See It Season 1 is still available to stream on Prime Video.