Is there going to be a Season 2 of Night Sky?

Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video.
Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video. /

Night Sky was a beautiful sci-fi series recently released on Prime Video. Will we get a second season of the series? What has Amazon decided?

Sometimes, a TV show is just so beautiful we want to savor the episodes. Night Sky was one of those shows. It kept us engaged throughout all eight episodes with it’s wonderful storytelling, and a look at love in the older years.

The series itself focused on Frank and Irene York, a couple with a secret. They have a chamber in a shed in their garden. This chamber takes them to a seemingly deserted planet, and after finding it, they decided that the serenity of the planet should be preserved.

However, things take a turn when a stranger turns up just outside the chamber. All their beliefs about the planet are destroyed as they try to figure out what the outpost really is.

Will Night Sky Season 2 happen?

The ending was pretty contained, but it did leave us with a few questions. Now we want to know what’s to come next for the Yorks and the planet. That would mean needing Night Sky Season 2 to happen. This is where we have some bad news.

Prime Video has decided to cancel the series after just one season, according to TVLine. It’s not that clear why Amazon cancelled the show, but it is likely linked to the viewership. That’s the main reason a streamer will cancel a show.

We don’t get to see the viewership number unless the streamers release them. However, the streamers get to see just how many people are watching a full season and where they stop partway through. If there isn’t enough of an uptake all the way through, there’s too much of a risk for a second season.

It now has us concerned about a few other shows on the bubble. We’re still waiting for a decision on Outer RangeThe Wilds, and more.

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Night Sky is available to stream on Prime Video.