When will The Peripheral Season 1 finale air on Prime Video?

The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

The Peripheral Season 1 is getting a weekly release schedule on Prime Video. When will the Season 1 finale air so you can binge-watch the entire season?

The first episode of The Peripheral is here. The bad news for binge-watchers is that the series is being released weekly. We have a bit of a wait on our hands to watch all episodes in one sitting.

So, it’s important to know when the finale date is. This allows us to know when we can watch all the episodes together, and it gives us an idea of how long to remain away from talk about the series on Prime Video if you’re not watching weekly.

When is The Peripheral Season 1 finale?

There is a bit of a wait on our hands for The Peripheral Season 1 finale. This is a series that has a weekly release from the very beginning. Amazon has not dropped the first three episodes together.

There are eight episodes to the season. We’re waiting until Friday, Dec. 9 for the finale. The good news is that there’s a chance the episode will drop on Thursday, Dec. 8 in North America due to the time zones working in our favor.

This weekly release suggests that Amazon is working hard to make the series a success. There are already reports that the second season is in production although Amazon hasn’t officially renewed it yet. However, there were signs that other shows have been in production only to end up canceled.

A weekly release has helped to bring more viewers to a series. It allows the show to remain on the minds of fans for longer, and people find out about it as the show is still airing thanks to talk on social media. This schedule could help to land a renewal instead of the show following the fates of fellow sci-fi shows Paper Girls and Night Sky.

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The Peripheral Season 1 has premiered on Prime Video.