What’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this weekend: Sept. 18–19, 2021

The Mad Women's Ball -- Courtesy of Christine Tamalet/Amazon
The Mad Women's Ball -- Courtesy of Christine Tamalet/Amazon /

It’s another quiet weekend on Amazon Prime Video from Sept. 18 to 19. It’s all about the content streaming on Amazon during the week.

Like most weekends, Amazon isn’t adding anything new this weekend. It’s all about content that arrived during the week. The good news is there’s plenty streaming on Amazon this weekend from content during the week.

Whether you want a movie or a TV series, there is something for all. We’ll take a look at the releases so you can find something to watch while you wait for the big releases next week.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, The Mad Women’s Ball, and more

For those with children, there’s a new preschooler series on the streamer. You can watch all new episodes of Do, Re & Mi. The series is all about music and sound, making it a fun experience for all young ones out there.

When it comes to watching something for yourself, there are three documentaries that you’ll need to check out. Learn more about racism in the UK in the past (and how it’s still around today). You’ll want to work through all three of the documentaries available during the weekend.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is one of the biggest releases of the week, though. This fabulous musical movie is about a teenage boy who dreams of being a drag queen. Yes, you can probably guess the bullies he encounters.

And if you prefer a thriller, The Mad Women’s Ball is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. The French-language movie is set in a mental institution in the 19th century. When a woman is wrongly sent there, she teams with a tormented nurse to escape.

Finally, it’s all about a comedy series. Back to the Rafters dropped in full today, Friday, Sept. 17. You’ll need the weekend to check out all the episodes.

What’s streaming on Amazon soon

There are a couple of releases to look out for this coming week:

Goliath Season 4 — Sept. 24

Birds of Paradise — Sept. 24

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What are you streaming on Amazon this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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