4 additions coming to Amazon Prime Video this week

Back to the Rafters -- Courtesy of Brook Rushton/Amazon
Back to the Rafters -- Courtesy of Brook Rushton/Amazon /

You know all about Do, Re, & Me coming to Amazon Prime Video this week, as well as great movies. There are four more shows to look out for.

At the time of the release, the full list of arrivals on Amazon Prime Video in September 2021 was correct. Throughout the month, there have been a few additions here and there. You know about Birds of Paradise being added to the end of the month, but there are four TV shows you’ll want to look out for this week.

Yes, there are four additions that weren’t on the list. They’re all Amazon Original Series, too! Three of them are only going to be available in the United States and Canada, while the fourth is a global originals.

Back to the Rafters, Black Power, and more on Amazon Prime Video

The global original heading to Amazon Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 17 is called Back to the Rafters. It’s an Australian comedy series and a sequel series to Packed to the Rafters.

The show picks up six years after Packed to the Rafters, with Dave and Julie now living their new life in the country with Ruby. Everyone comes together to celebrate the couple’s 35th anniversary, and naturally, history repeats itself. If you loved the original series, Back to the Rafters is a must.

Black Power — Courtesy of Amazon
Black Power — Courtesy of Amazon /

Now it comes to the three docuseries heading to Amazon Prime Video in the United States and Canada only. The first is Black Power: A British Story of Resistance, narrated by Daniel Kaluuya. The series focuses on the ’60s and ’70s through the eyes of young Black people who refuse to take racism as just the “done thing” in the UK. It’s a look at how the civil rights movement in American inspired the young in the UK.

There are some key moments in history, including the Mangrove Nine trial and the Oval Four convictions. The documentary also includes interviews with past activities, some of whom are talking for the first time since being involved in the British Black Power movement.

Subnormal — Courtesy of Amazon
Subnormal — Courtesy of Amazon /

Subnormal: A British Scandal is next on the list, examining how Black children were disproportionally sent to schools in the ’60s and ’70s in the UK. Black parents, teachers, and activists worked together to fight for change.

The docuseries focuses on the events surrounding a leaked school report that revealed the problems within the system. It looks as how the schools were eventually phased out, but the fight it took for that to happen.

Uprising — Courtesy of Amazon
Uprising — Courtesy of Amazon /

Uprising is the last, coming from EP and co-director Steve McQueen. It’s a three-part story that focuses on The New Cross Fire, the Brixton riots, and the Black People’s Day of Action.

Throughout the three parts, viewers are educated on each of the events. There is rare archival footage and interviews to explain the situations, the aftermath of the situations, and the fight that is still needed today.

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