Amazon’s Them age rating: Is the series okay for kids?

Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Amazon’s Them has debuted to mixed reviews. Is this one of those shows you can watch with the kids around? What is the Them age rating?

I will start by saying that it’s up to you if you want to watch something with your kids around. However, it’s important to consider how they could process the scenes on the TV screens.

I like to hang out with my kids and watch stuff with them all the time. Them is not one of those shows that I would watch with them. One of my daughters would likely be terrified and run away immediately and the other would probably watch to feel cool and then have nightmares about it.

The Amazon series is violent and it is graphic. It has to be for the topic of conversation.

What is the Them age rating?

If you like to get an idea of whether a show is good for kids or not, you’ll want to check what the official rating is. The Them age rating is officially set as TV-MA.

This is the same rating as the likes of The Boys and Invincible. However, I’d say that this show is far darker and gorier than the others. It’s all about the vibe within the violence, and this can get sickening and traumatic at times. Pay attention to that trigger warning before Episode 5!

You’ll want to watch the show on your own (or with another adult) before introducing it to your children. It’s one to make sure you’ve seen all episodes as they gradually get worse with the violence, although I do think Episode 5 was the peak for me.

In the end, it’s up to you as a parent. Just consider what and how their brains process things.

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Them Season 1 is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.