5 most-watched Amazon shows in 2020

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4. The Expanse

Honestly, I’m surprised this show isn’t further up the list. The Expanse is one of my all-time favorite shows—although I didn’t watch it when it was on Syfy. It’s only recently that I’ve caught up on it thanks to it being available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Expanse Season 5 didn’t even drop on streaming service until December 2020. However, we have had all year to binge-watch the first four seasons (three from Syfy and one from Amazon).

For those who haven’t seen the series just yet, this is one of those that looks like one type of show but is something very different. It looks like just another sci-fi show at first. Then you find out that there’s a political aspect, then there’s a thriller aspect. There’s action, romance, and so much more.

It’s one of the best-written Amazon shows out there—in fact, one of the best shows out there. Now is the time to get on it with episodes still released weekly and a sixth season confirmed.

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

We’re onto the Amazon show that didn’t even air new episodes in 2020 at all. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 aired in December 2019. The plan would have been to air another season in 2020 but the pandemic caused a problem for filming. Season 4 is coming.

However, the series has one of the best social media teams. There is constantly something that pops up on Twitter and Instagram. There’s no way this show is allowed to be forgotten about, which does help to keep it on the watch list.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel stars Rachel Brosnahan as the titular character. She starts off as a happily-married housewife in the 1950s. By the end of the series premiere, her husband has left her and she unknowingly starts her career as a stand-up comic.

She’s a woman in a man’s world, but that’s not going to stop her fighting for her place on the stage.