The Wilds Season 1 finale recap and ending explained

The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Reign Edwards (Rachel Reid), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios
The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Reign Edwards (Rachel Reid), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios /

What answers did we get in The Wilds Season 1 finale?

And so we’re at the end of The Wilds Season 1. It’s time to see how it all ended and find out the answers we’re offered. Here’s everything that happened on The Wilds Season 1 finale.

To be honest, there weren’t many answers. We ended up with way more questions, as Leah found a secret room with more TVs. They were not the only experiment happening.

At the same time, we found out Nora’s story as she revealed she was the second mole. What happened to her on the island?

Nora’s story told

We find out Nora’s story. She liked a boy, but her sister decided he was too weird—and not a quirky weird. Nora decided to listen to Rachel’s opinions, which led to her and the boy breaking up. After all, he wasn’t happy that she listened to her sister and not her own heart.

The heartbreak went from bad to worse. Nora found out the guy had been killed in a hazing accident for a frat the boy was rushing, so she decided to head to the prison in hope of talking to the one responsible for the incident and find out why he did it.

That boy was Gretchen’s son. She was waiting to see him, and it led to Gretchen and Nora talking.

Gretchen has the chance to tell Nora about her intended experiment. She wants Nora to be the second mole. Nora agrees, but only if Rachel can come on the experiment with her. She can’t leave her sister behind, and she thinks this might be good for Rachel.

And so, we get to see flashes of Nora leaving notes and messages for Dawn of Eve. She’s concerned about Leah, and it’s clear she ahs every reason to be.

Leah follows Nora on The Wilds Season 1 finale

After waking up the next morning, Leah pretends that she forgot she saw Nora in the woods talking to the tree. However, she’s still suspicious and follows Nora into the woods.

Nora is ready for this. She’s created a trap to put Leah in while she figures out what she is going to do next.

However, Leah pulls herself out of the trap. As she gets back to the beach, all hell has broken loose and not because the girls have argued. Rachel has gone out to float in the water to find peace, but a shark starts swimming around her.

The other girls cry out for Rachel about the shark, but her head is in the water so she can’t hear them. As Nora rushes out to the water, Rachel is pulled under by the shark.

That’s where we leave the island storyline on The Wilds Season 1 finale. What happened and why did they all end up being “saved?”

Leah learns about the Twilight of Adam

Meanwhile, in the bunker, Leah asks Dean to take her outside for some fresh air. There’s a garden, but it’s walled in. It’s some air, though.

Dean even tells Leah that they’re in Peru. It’s a shock to Leah. They were supposed to be on the retreat in Hawaii, and surely they would have been taken back to the United States. One thing is clear, escaping from this compound isn’t an option.

However, Leah checks the note that Shelby left her. “You were right,” the note reads.

Right about what? Well, when the alarms suddenly sound one night, Leah rushes out of her room and to the garden. She can’t escape and there’s a chance someone is after her, so she rushes into another room.

The alarms are actually sounding for Shelby, who has suffered an anaphylactic shock. Was it planned to give Leah a chance to escape?

Possibly, but Leah doesn’t escape. Instead, she gets to a room with TV. There are teenage boys on an island, very similar to the situation the girls ended up in. A folder says “Twilight of Adam.”

What is the Twilight of Adam? What does it mean for the girls and Gretchen’s experiment? We need The Wilds Season 2 for our answers.

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What did you think of The Wilds Season 1 finale? What do you think happened to the girls? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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