The Wilds: What is Dawn of Eve?

The Wilds -- Courtesy of Matt Klitscher/Amazon Prime Video
The Wilds -- Courtesy of Matt Klitscher/Amazon Prime Video /

What is the Dawn of Eve on The Wilds Season 1?

From the beginning of The Wilds, it was clear that Dawn of Eve had a bigger role to play. That bigger role was far bigger than any of us would imagine. It’s time to delve into the conspiracy.

We are getting into major spoilers for the entirety of The Wilds Season 1. If you haven’t binge-watched the whole series yet, go to Amazon Prime Video and do so first.

The Wilds Season 1 introduced Dawn of Eve in the very first episode. It would take a few episodes to realize just how big the deception would go. While the parents knew that they’d sent their children on some sort of retreat, they had no idea what would happen to their girls.

Dawn of Eve is run by Gretchen Klein, and it turns out she isn’t interested in a calming experience for the girls. She does want a bonding experience, though.

Dawn of Eve is all about science on The Wilds

Over time, we don’t just learn that this is some sick way to torture a bunch of girls. Instead, it’s an experiment that these poor girls have no idea they’re a part of.

Gretchen wants to prove that women will work together to create a harmonious world. That they can be better leaders than men. While she doesn’t hate men or want to completely overpower them, she does want to get rid of the patriarchal society that the world has set up so far.

To do that, she needs to prove that women do it better than guys, that they can survive in the wilderness and work together.

Her experiment has its ups and downs. Things go wrong, the girls reach breaking points, and there are certainly some problems between them. They have moments where they live together and create a society, and then they have days where they are at each other’s throats.

Gretchen isn’t giving up, though. She is not letting Dawn of Eve go, and it turns out “saving” them from the island is just another part of the plan.

However, there’s more to it. Dawn of Eve has another experiment running. Leah learns that Twilight of Adam is going on at the same time, and the boys there look like they’re working together just fine.

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