Who was the other mole on The Wilds Season 1?

The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sophia Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios
The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sophia Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios /

The second mole was revealed in The Wilds Season 1 finale

Caution: There are spoilers from The Wilds Season 1 finale in this post.

The end of The Wilds Season 1, Episode 9, we got to know who the second mole was. The finale explained it all to us. It’s time to get some of the answers to our burning questions.

From the beginning, we knew that the plane crash was no ordinary plane crash. However, something went wrong. Jeanette was a mole, but she died of internal bleeding. We presumed it was from the plane crash, but the midpoint of the season explained a few things. It also confirmed there was a second mole.

Leah suspected Shelby. There were times it looked like Dot. However, there was someone else we should have been keeping a close eye on.

Who was the second mole on The Wilds?

At the end of the penultimate episode, Leah wandered into the woods to see Nora speaking to a tree. Well, no, Nora hadn’t gone mad. She was speaking to one of the cameras in the tree.

Nora was the other mole. During The Wilds Season 1 finale, we got to see how she was recruited and why she did it. We also got to see all the notes she kept leaving for the Dawn of Eve to make it clear Leah was a risk to the operation.

Her decision to join Dawn of Eve was partly to save her sister. She worried about Rachel’s mental health and eating disorder and figured this experiment could actually save her. Nora also wanted to do some good in the world and liked the sound of Gretchen’s pitch.

In the end, Nora being the mole was the one we should have guessed from the start. She was quiet, always going off on her own. There would be times the rest of the group would be there, but she wouldn’t be. There was never an explanation.

Nora also made it known she was writing observations down in her journal. Why would she do that if not to make notes for Gretchen and her team?

What happened to Nora?

What we don’t know is what happened to Nora in the end. She wasn’t seen talking to the “detectives,” but then there was no need for that. It’s not like she had to share her story. It’s not like the ruse of the plane crash and being stranded on the island had to continue for her.

However, there’s a chance she didn’t survive the island. The last we see of her is she’s running into the water to get to Rachel, who was pulled underwater by a shark. Is it possible Nora sacrificed herself to save her sister?

We’ll need The Wilds Season 2 to get the answers to our many new questions.

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