The Wilds: Did the parents know Dawn of Eve’s true intentions?

The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sophia Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios
The Wilds. Pictured (L-R): Sophia Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke), Helena Howard (Nora Reid). Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios /

Were the parents involved in the teen girls’ situation on The Wilds?

When we saw the trailer for The Wilds Season 1, it looked like the parents knew what they were doing to their daughters. Was that really the case? And if so, why would they do such a thing?

You can breathe a sort of sign of relief. The parents didn’t know everything that was in store.

The comment about them lying to their daughters in a video chat comes up during The Wilds Season 1, Episode 4. It seems the parents knew that the camp wasn’t everything it was initially made out to be, but not that the girls would end up stranded on an island after a plane crash. That’s probably where the comment about lying comes from.

Gretchen lies to the parents about everything on The Wilds

Instead, it’s Gretchen, and her Dawn of Eve employees, who is lying to everyone. She makes this retreat sound like something exciting, but that doesn’t seem to be what she offers.

I do wonder what the real intention of the retreat was. The plane crash wasn’t part of it. Losing Jeanette wasn’t the plan. However, it’s clear the girls were supposed to end up on this island after all. There are cameras around to Gretchen can keep an eye on everyone.

So, what was the original plan? Was she going to have them safely landed on the island and then have Jeanette be the one to encourage everyone to take part?

What is Dawn of Eve really about?

It’s clear there is something more to Dawn of Eve. During a conversation on The Wilds Season 1, Episode 3, Gretchen explains that she has a favorite. There is someone who is skeptical and afraid but shows a lot of promise.

We don’t exactly know who that is right now. It could be Shelby, Leah, or even Dot. All three have tried to keep the girls going despite their own fears. They look out for others despite being thrown into the same situation.

But what is this all for? Is this some sort of recruitment drive? Will those who succeed end up working with Dawn of Eve afterward?

There are still a lot of questions up to the halfway mark of the season. But at least we know the parents weren’t totally in on it.

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What do you think Dawn of Eve actually wants? What do the parents really know? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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