5 must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend: I’m Your Woman and more

ARINZE KENE and RACHEL BROSNAHAN star in I’M YOUR WOMANPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon StudiosCourtesy of Amazon Studios
ARINZE KENE and RACHEL BROSNAHAN star in I’M YOUR WOMANPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon StudiosCourtesy of Amazon Studios /

I’m Your Woman is one of the must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend

The weekend is here, which means it’s time to watch movies. What are the must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend?

I will start by saying that if you have time to binge-watch a TV show, The Wilds is a must. It’s more than just a “LOST reboot.” It’s LOST meets Lord of the Flies with a bit of The Society thrown in there. It’s a coming-of-age survival story that has a deeper conspiracy to it.

But if you don’t have time to watch 10 one-hour episodes, you’ll want movies. Here are the five must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend.

I’m Your Woman

We’ll start with one of the Amazon Original Movies that dropped on Dec. 11, I’m Your Woman. While it does have its slow moments, there are some who will adore this noir thriller. Plus, Rachel Brosnahan is worth sitting through the two-hour movie for as she spends a lot of time on-screen alone. You’ll get a chance to see her skills.

Small Axe: Alex Wheatle

One of the must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend is the fourth movie in the Small Axe series. This one is titled Alex Wheatle and focuses on the story of the titular character.

Alex Wheatle is a British novelist. After the 1981 Brixton riot, Wheatle was sentenced to prison for his involvement. The movie looks into his life story and has a powerful message about freedom and injustice.

Angels & Demons

If you want an older movie with a bit of action thrown in, Angels & Demons was one of the Prime releases at the start of the month. Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon in this sequel to Da Vinci Code. Note that Angels & Demons the book is the first in the series but the movies switched the order.

In this movie, Robert has to figure out a conspiracy at the Vatican City that could change the entire process of selecting a new pope.

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Claes Bang and Elizabeth Debicki star as James Figueras and his American lover, Berenice Hollis in The Burnt Orange Heresy. When they travel to Lake Como to art collector Joseph Cassidy’s estate, they learn that their host is the patron of the art world’s version of J.D. Salinger, Jerome Debney.

This patron has one request of the two. He wants them to steal a Debnet masterpiece from the artist’s studio. Will they do it?

Watch the movie on STARZ via Amazon Channels now.

Conan the Barbarian

Who doesn’t love Conan the Barbarian? You can now watch the 1982 movie on SHOWTIME via Amazon Channels. It’s the perfect way to spend your weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the titular role, a kid sold into slavery. His one goal in life is to find the sorcerer responsible for the genocide of his people, including his entire family. Can he succeed?

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Which must-watch movies on Amazon are you checking out this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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