Are Amazon Prime Video Channels free?

Vida Season 3 -- Courtesy of Kat Marcinowski, STARZ
Vida Season 3 -- Courtesy of Kat Marcinowski, STARZ /

Can you get Amazon Prime Video Channels for free with your Prime membership?

You’ve likely heard a lot about Amazon Prime Video Channels. They can also be referred to as just Amazon Channels.

This is the way many people get their hands on HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, PBS Masterpiece, and other great subscription services. There’s something for fans of period dramas, British shows, foreign-language offerings, and reality TV. The question for many is whether they are free.

Can you get Amazon Prime Video Channels for free? How much will they cost to add to your Prime membership?

You will need an Amazon Prime Video membership first. The cost of Amazon Channels is on top of the usual monthly/yearly amount.

Free trials are available for Amazon Channels

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Amazon Prime Video Channels are not free for life. However, you can get access to a free trial. Usually, this lasts for seven days, but there are a select few for 30 days. Now and then, there are also extra bonus free trials depending on promotions happening.

Once the free trial ends, you will need to pay for the channel if you want to keep it. Or you can make sure you cancel it in time so you’re not charged.

Don’t forget to cancel if you’re not keeping it. You can always cancel as soon as you sign up. You’ll still get to use the free trial for the week, and then you’ll get to watch whatever you want. There’s no need to worry about the last day of the week/month.

How much do Amazon Prime Video Channels cost?

The exact cost will depend on the channel. The individual companies set the prices, and the price is usually the same you would pay if you go directly to the premium cable channel or subscription service.

For example, HBO is $14.99 per month, just like the regular app. CBS All Access is $5.99 per month like the ad-supported subscription (you can also pay for no ads). STARZ is $8.99 per month, and Sundance Now is $6.99 per month.

You’ll see the exact amount when you sign up for the free trial.

You can also get some channels on a promotion deal. The individual companies offer these are various points throughout the year, including Black Friday or to promote a particular show. Look out for the offers to get a great deal for a few months at a time.

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Get Amazon Prime Video Channels with your Prime membership.