5 must-see movies on Amazon this weekend: Mangrove and more

Mangrove is one of the must-see movies on Amazon this weekend

There are some excellent movies to check out throughout the weekend with Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Channels. Here are the five must-see movies on Amazon to watch between Nov. 21 and 22.

We’re looking across the board, both Prime Video and Channels. This will give everyone something suitable for their needs, whether you want action, drama, or a family-friendly movie.

Small Axe: Mangrove

It all starts with the first of the Small Axe movies that dropped on Amazon Prime Video yesterday. Mangrove is about The Mangrove Nine, a group of people who went up against London’s cops and helped to bring the first judicial ruling of police brutality due to race.

All five of the movies are going to be important. Spend time watching each one at the weekends, starting with this one.

Most Wanted

If you want an action-thriller, turn your attention to Most Wanted, starring Josh Hartnet. The movie follows an investigative reporter who wants to expose the truth about a man in a Thai prison. This man shouldn’t be there. He is innocent but was framed in a heroin bust due to some dirty cops.

Can he get to the bottom of it? Can he help the world see the truth? Find out by watching the movie this weekend.


The following must-see movies on Amazon are through Amazon Channels, with this first one being on HBO. Underwater stars Kristen Stewart as a member of a research team in a submarine thousands of miles below the water’s surface.

When disaster strikes, everyone needs to work together to save each of their lives. Of course, when tensions rise, so do tempers.

The Addams Family

Need something for the whole family? STARZ has you covered with The Addams Family. The 1991 movie brings the iconic gothic family to life.

In this movie, Uncle Fester has been missing for years. When one man seems to look like the missing elder Addams brother, two greedy people decide to use it to their advantage to get the money hidden in the house. Will “Fester” become part of the Addams Family or stick with his own?

Apollo 13

Finally, it’s all about a space drama. Apollo 13 focuses on the mission from the titular air craft. Tom Hanks leads the stellar cast, as we see the trouble the crew faced in space and the dangerous mission to return home in one piece.

Even when you know what happens, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. It’s worth another watch, and you can check it out on SHOWTIME this weekend.

Which must-see movies on Amazon are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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