5 biggest questions after Lovecraft Country Season 1’s finale

Lovecraft Country Episode 10 -- Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country Episode 10 -- Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

These are the five questions we’ll need answering in Lovecraft Country Season 2

Lovecraft Country Season 1 did a good job of tying up a lot of storylines in a neat bow. However, there is potential for a second season. Should Season 2 happen, it’s time to look at the big questions that need answering.

There was a lot happening in the finale. For the most part, the characters got the ending they wanted. They managed to stop Christina and remove magic from her. On top of that, no white person can access magic anymore. It puts the power into Black hands, which is certainly where it needs to be right now.

So, what questions were we left with? Here are the five biggest after the Lovecraft Country Season 1 finale.

Can Tic be revived?

Tic allowed himself to be Christina’s sacrifice believing that she could be stopped. It wasn’t until it was too late that he learned the truth, and at the end, he died because of Christina’s spell. Everyone carried him back to the car, presumably to bury him peacefully.

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However, Leti has magic. They have the Book of Names. Is it possible that Tic could be revived? Christina brought Leti back from the dead at the start of the season, so what’s stopping Leti and Montrose from trying?

Is Ruby dead?

Tic isn’t the only one with an unknown fate on Lovecraft Country Season 1. Christina took a potion to turn herself into Ruby after learning what Ruby was going to do. Christina made it sound like Ruby is dead, but is that really the case?

Christina made a note that William had to be in a coma so she could become him. That would be the same to become Ruby, right? Is there a way to save Ruby’s life?

How will Dee feel after her actions?

Dee took a life with her own, mechanical hand. That’s a huge step to take. It leaves a scar, and Dee is just a teenager.

However, Dee has a lot of hatred for those who know magic. She hates what happened to Emmett Till and what the cop did with his curse. And she knows that Christina was likely responsible for so much. She may not feel that guilty, but this is a bigger problem for Dee in the future. Could she turn into a cold-blooded killer when it comes to getting revenge or what she may view as justice?

What will Ji-ah do next?

Ji-ah came to Chicago to save Tic. In the end, she was necessary to strip magic from Christina and from white people. It was her tails that bound both Tic and Christina together for Leti’s spell to work.

She said her mom is dead. She’s got nothing to go back to South Korea for. Will she remain in Chicago to be closer to those she could build a family with?

What could the next enemy be?

Now that Christina is dead and white people don’t have magic, what’s next for the group? Is there another enemy out there?

There will be other white people who know about magic. Now that they’ve lost their ability, they may go in search for the reasons why. That will lead them to Leti and the others, putting them at risk.

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What are your big questions for Lovecraft Country Season 2? Share your top thoughts in the comments below.

Lovecraft Country Season 1 is available to stream in full on HBO with Amazon Channels.