5 big questions after Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 6

Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

5 questions we were left with after watching Lovecraft Country Episode 6

There’s no doubt that Lovecraft Country Episode 6 left us with far more questions than answers. Here are the biggest five pushing us into the last handful of episodes of the season.

Episode 6 was solely in 1950. We got a chance to understand why Tic choose to enlist when everyone else was drafted. He also fell in love, although it turned out not with a woman but with a kumiho. That storyline there brought plenty of questions and WTF moments, but they’re not quite connected to Tic (and the show’s) main focus.

What we did get was a connection back to Episode 5. We now know who Tic called and why. So, let’s get into the questions from Lovecraft Country Episode 6.

Will Ji-Ah go into more details about Tic’s death?

Tic called Ji-Ah at the end of Lovecraft Country Episode 5 after breaking down some of the Language of Adam. It made sense with how things between Ji-Ah and Tic ended. She couldn’t control her tails and she saw Tic’s future. It wasn’t a good one.

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She’d told Tic the truth, but he was too busy running away in fear to even contemplate it. It’s only now that he’s translated the word that he needs to talk to her. So, is she willing to go into more detail or will she hold it against him?

Will Ji-Ah arrive in Chicago?

I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Ji-Ah. She refused to take Tic’s soul and saw that he was a good man—good men do bad things because they feel they have no other choice. She understands that. After all, she’s done bad things because she felt she had no other choice.

We couldn’t expect Tic’s relationship with Leti to go without problems, right? Ji-Ah will likely arrive, and that will cause a few problems—and not just because Tic is fated to die.

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What will Tic share about his time in Korea?

This whole thing will likely open a can of worms. Tic needs to talk to someone about what he saw and did in Korea. He’ll also need to talk about the kumiho.

This could be the turning point for that story. It’s time for Leti, at least, to find out what happened back then. It’s important to save Tic’s life now.

Is Ji-Ah still a Kumiho?

Has Ji-Ah taken that 100th soul? During Lovecraft Country Episode 6, it looks like she decided to remain a kumiho forever. However, desires could overtake her.

If she remembers Tic and that he’s going to die, there are high chances that she is still the kumiho. After all, she doesn’t remember any of the real Ji-Ah’s life. She only remembers the lives of the souls she’s taken. It could be that Ji-Ah wouldn’t remember the kumiho either.

Was Ji-Ah’s friend really the spy?

Something that bugged me throughout the episode was whether Ji-Ah’s friend really was the communist spy. She seemed to step in the way just to save other nurses. More specifically, it was to save Ji-Ah. I did get the sense that there was more to her feelings for Ji-Ah, which is why she did it.

Nothing ever happened after she was taken, tortured, and killed. So, did she have the information needed to pass off as the spy or was she really the spy? I guess we won’t get the answers to that, and we’re just to assume that the Americans got what they needed.

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