Will Tenet stream on Amazon Prime Video for free?

Will Tenet ever head to Amazon Prime Video to stream for free?

There are a few movies that we’d been eagerly anticipating at the beginning of 2020. Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan, was certainly one of them.

The movie is currently out in theaters, but not everyone wants to head there right now. So, you want to find out when and where the action movie will stream. Will Amazon Prime Video be the home for streaming the movie for free?

Tenet is not heading to Amazon Prime Video right away for free. As a Warner Bros. movie, it’s heading to HBO and HBO Max first. That doesn’t mean the movie will never head to Prime, but it’s going to be a fair few years before that’s even considered. The good news with HBO is you’ll be able to watch with Amazon Channels.

When will Tenet be available to stream for free?

The movie is going to head to DVD and Blu-ray first. That’s always the case, and that usually happens about three months after the theatrical release. The movie will also be available to rent or buy on Digital, which means you can get it from Amazon Video at a price.

Most Warner Bros. movies take six to nine months to stream on HBO. This gives the studio time to make sure the movie runs in the theater and as many people who would usually buy on DVD do just that. After all, there’s a budget to make back!

We’re looking at March 2021 for the movie to head to HBO at the earliest. However, it could be summer 2021 if Warner Bros. opts for the longer time period. As HBO Max is owned by WarnerMedia, there’s a little more leeway with releases.

Is the movie going to be worth the wait? If you like Christopher Nolan movies, yes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tenet is in theaters now.