It doesn’t look like HBO Max will ever head to Amazon Channels

HBO Max logo. Image Courtesy Warner Media
HBO Max logo. Image Courtesy Warner Media /

Amazon isn’t happy that HBO Max doesn’t want to bring content to Amazon Channels

If you were hoping to see HBO Max through Amazon Channels, I have some bad news. It doesn’t look like the streaming service is ever going to be available.

Of course, we should never say never. There’s always a chance hat a deal will be struck at a later date, but right now, WarnerMedia doesn’t see the need of the channel. In fact, it says that it wants subscribers to go to HBO Max directly.

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This isn’t something Amazon is happy about, and it’s not about getting a deal. The company wants to make sure there’s a good value offer for subscribers to HBO Now. According to Television Business International, Amazon believes that those who subscribe to one version of HBO should get access to everything.

One thing to remember is that HBO Now is a smaller version of HBO Max at a glance. After all, the HBO Now content is heading to HBO Max. Wouldn’t it make sense to offer the full HBO Max to Amazon subscribers who want to keep all payments in one place through Amazon Channels?

Not the only service HBO Max won’t head to

Amazon Channels isn’t the only streaming service that won’t get the chance to offer the subscription service to users. Originally, Apple TV was going to offer HBO Max as part of the Channels lineup.

Now, those who had signed up initially will still get access to current content but not access to older content. New customers can’t subscribe to HBO Max, so will need to sign up directly.

It looks like it is a changing tide for the bigger streaming services. Amazon Channels was once a way to get the word out about some of the premium cable networks. It’s still a way to get newer or smaller streaming services to gain customers. After all, people are more likely to trust under a brand like “Amazon Channels” because of the Amazon name.

Bigger services like HBO Max don’t really need Amazon to help them get subscribers.

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What do you think about streaming services moving away from Amazon Channels? How do you prefer to sign up for subscription services? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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