Will Bill and Ted Face the Music stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Will Bill & Ted 3 be available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video?

You’ve watched Bill & Ted Face the Music on VOD thanks to it being available to rent as well as it being in theaters. Now you want to watch it over and over again. The question you need answering is whether it will come to Amazon Prime Video for free.

Not all moves head to the streamer for free right away. It all depends on licensing deals with streaming services. We can usually tell based on the production studio whether a movie is going to Amazon Prime Video or not.

Orion Pictures is an MGM company. This is great news for Bill & Ted fans. The movie is likely to head to Amazon Prime Video to stream for free in the future.

When will Bill & Ted Face the Music come to Prime?

When are we expecting the movie to be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video? Most MGM movies take about 12 months to head to the streaming service after the theatrical release date.

We have no reason to believe this will change for this movie. Even though it’s had a less-than-traditional release in theaters and on VOD, most movies that have been released like this during the coronavirus pandemic have followed the usual patterns for streaming. For example, The Invisible Man didn’t get to HBO and HBO Max until this month, six months after the theatrical release.

So, we’re looking at August or September 2021 for Bill & Ted Face the Music to head to Amazon Prime Video.

It will be worth the wait. It’ll also be on DVD and Blu-ray before then. Maybe the three-movie collection will be out, too! This is going to be worth buying to add to your shelves, physical or digital.

Check out the trailer for the movie:

Bill & Ted Face the Music is in theaters and on VOD now.