Rent Irresistible with Steve Carell on VOD today!

Irresistible -- Credit: Daniel McFadden / Focus Features
Irresistible -- Credit: Daniel McFadden / Focus Features /

Irresistible is now available on Amazon Video to rent

While theaters are starting to reopen, studios are still choosing to release movies through VOD. Irresistible becomes the latest to get the straight-to-VOD treatment and is available to rent on Amazon Video today.

This is one of those movies that threatens to go under the radar. It’s not had the most promotion, and part of that is due to the change to schedules after the coronavirus pandemic put so much on hold. However, with going straight to rent on digital platforms, there’s a good chance that it will do well.

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Steve Carell and Rose Byrne star in Irresistible, a comedy with a political angle. With the Democrats losing traction, they need to find someone who speaks the language of the people. They think they have that in one former Marine in a small town.

They now need to get the retired colonel to run for Mayor of the small town. Of course, then they need him to work with them to be able to improve their votes.

When the Republicans find out, they do everything they can to bring a stop. It’s clear that leaving all this to play out puts them at risk, and the party is unwilling to risk that.

What do the critics say?

While the movie isn’t out in theaters, critics have still had a chance to watch Irresistible early. So far, the reviews aren’t all that great.

It holds a 42% score on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing this. It’s something to keep in mind when it comes to renting the Focus Features movie.

Check out the trailer for Irresistible to get an idea for yourself:

Right now, you can only rent on Digital. You’ll be able to buy through Amazon Video at a later date, when it will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Irresistible is available to rent on Amazon Video.