What time is My Spy streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
My Spy -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

My Spy is heading to Amazon Prime Video at the end of this week

When the coronavirus pandemic stopped people going to the movies, things had to change for many production studios. They had to find a way to make money from their movie releases. Some opted to postpone their release, while others opted to release straight to VOD. My Spy made some changes to allow it to head to streaming for free earlier than expected.

The Dave Bautista movie will head to Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week. What time can you start streaming My Spy?

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Many movies will be released at midnight GMT. This can often mean an earlier than expected release in North America. However, it’s worth pointing out that this Prime release is only in the U.S. This can sometimes mean a stricter release. It’s more likely that My Spy will be on Amazon Prime Video at midnight ET on Friday, June 26.

This could mean a release at 9 p.m. PT on Thursday, June 25. There’s no guarantee of this. If it’s not arrived early, then it will be on the streaming service at midnight in your local time zone.

What is My Spy about?

Bautista stars as JJ, a hardened CIA operative who has been demoted. When a nine-year-old girl called Sophie (Chloe Coleman) realizes that he’s an undercover agent, she decides to blackmail him. It’s not for money, though. All she wants is to learn what it takes to be a spy.

Of course, that means her heading out on dangerous missions while also being a pain in the backside for our hardened spy. He may just learn a little more about himself thanks to Sophie’s charm and wit, though.

It’s a lighthearted movie and you’re not going to want to take it too seriously. Audiences have certainly liked it more than critics, but you’ll want to watch it yourself to make up your own mind.

Check out the trailer for My Spy below:

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My Spy is streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 26.