Will The King of Staten Island stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Could The King of Staten Island head to Amazon Prime Video in the future?

The King of Staten Island is currently only available to rent on Amazon Video and other Digital platforms. Eventually, it will reach DVD and Blu-ray, and then it will be available to stream on a platform. You want to know if that streaming platform is going to be Amazon Prime Video.

We have some bad news. It’s highly unlikely that The King of Staten Island will be free with your Prime membership.

As a Universal Pictures movie, it’s more likely to head to HBO. This is where other Universal movies have gone in the past. It will be available on HBO Now and HBO Max, which is being renamed just HBO.

In the past, we’d say there would be good news and that you could watch through Amazon Channels. HBO Now is still available through Amazon Channels, but there have been some recent limitations. HBO Max isn’t available through Channels and won’t likely be anytime in the near future. WarnerMedia wants people to subscribe directly.

The King of Staten Island will be worth getting

Whether you like to stream online or you prefer watching on DVD and Blu-ray, this a movie that is going to be worth the wait. It’s a story about grief, but it doesn’t tell your typical tale.

It’s a movie that gives us a look at Pete Davidson’s life after the loss of his father, a fire fighter who died during 9/11. There’s heartbreak, but there’s also love. And we see this young man figure out how to handle grief that he’s never really understood.

Critics have enjoyed the movie, but audiences love it the most. I don’t think that’s all too surprising with the type of movie that it is.

Check out the trailer for The King of Staten Island below:

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The King of Staten Island is currently available to rent on Amazon Video.