5 good movies to watch this Father’s Day Weekend

7500 -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
7500 -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Turn to these Amazon movies to watch with Dad this Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day Weekend, and you’re possibly looking for something to watch with your dad. There are plenty of Amazon movies to watch, whether you get it through Amazon Prime Video or buy on Amazon Video.

There’s something for all interests. If you’re looking for something to watch with younger kids or you’re all grown up and want to watch with an older dad, there is something for you. Here are our five top picks for this week.

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We do have to start with the latest Amazon Original movie, 7500. It’s only fair since it was released on Amazon earlier this week. This could be your first chance to watch it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a co-pilot who ends up with the lives of all his passengers in his hands when hijackers attack in the air. What decisions will he make?

Watch the movie with Amazon Prime Video.

The Descendants

Sometimes you need a serious movie that is focused on family love. That’s what you’ll get with George Clooney’s The Descendants. When his wife goes into a coma, he reunites with his two daughters. The three have to tackle the grief and troubles that come with the threat of loss.

Once indifferent, Matt (Clooney) needs to revisit his past and consider his future. Part of that involves the possibility of selling his family’s land in Hawaii. There are humorous moments, but this is a movie full of heart and love.

You can watch on Cinemax through Amazon Channels or buy through Amazon Video.

Finding Nemo

For those with younger children looking to spend time together, you’ll want to turn to Finding Nemo. Yes, it’s a Disney Pixar movie (and you can watch on Disney Plus), but it’s a great family movie that you can buy on Amazon Video.

Marlon does everything he can to find his missing son, Nemo. After all, Nemo is all he has left. It’s a beautiful tale of a father’s love.

While on Disney Plus, you can also buy or rent on Amazon Video.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Need something else that shows you just how much dads are willing to do for their kids? Turn to the 1990s Robin Williams movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Williams plays a divorced man who just wants to spend more time with his kids.

He has the perfect plan. He has to become a woman. Wait, what? He gets a friend to help him look like a woman to become the nanny for his children.

Mrs. Doubtfire is currently on HBO Now, which you can get with Amazon Channels, or you can buy on Amazon Video.

The Pursuit of Happyness

When you need something with a lot more emotion, you’ll need to turn to The Pursuit of Happyness. Will Smith stars as Chris Gardner, a man who takes an unpaid internship at a brokerage firm. It’s the only thing he can do after he loses his life’s earnings in a bad investment.

Chris’s wife leaves him and their son after the bad investment, leaving Chris making huge sacrifices to make sure his son is cared for. It’s a true look at the sacrifices a good dad will make for his child.

The Pursuit of Happyness is available to rent or buy on Amazon Video.

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Which Amazon movies are you watching this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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