Just Mercy and 5 good movies on Amazon to watch this weekend: June 6-7

Just Mercy film, photo courtesy Sandy Casanova
Just Mercy film, photo courtesy Sandy Casanova /

Just Mercy is among the list of Amazon movies to watch from June 6 to 7

Another weekend is here. This weekend is a good one with plenty of new arrivals on Amazon Prime Video. But if you’re not sure what to watch between June 6 and 7, we have a good selection of Amazon movies.

As usual, there’s something for all. However, there is one movie that’s important for everyone to check out right now, especially those who don’t quite understand systematic racism. It isn’t quite a family movie for those with younger children, though. The good news is there are some family movies on Amazon Prime Video to check out.

Here are the five top Amazon movies to watch from June 6 to 7.

Just Mercy

We’re starting with the must-watch this weekend, and there’s absolutely no reason everyone in the U.S. can’t watch this. Just Mercy is available to rent for free throughout June. Starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx, it tells the story of a black attorney who is on a mission to free an innocent black man from death row.

Along the way, our lawyer faces discrimination and racism within the legal and political systems. Even though he has evidence to prove his client is innocent, nobody is willing to listen. It’s a look at the systematic racism black people face even today.

How to Train Your Dragon

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We’re moving onto a movie for children. How to Train Your Dragon is the first animated movie in a trilogy that tells the story of a young Viking who just doesn’t fit in. He’s supposed to kill dragons, but what happens when he befriends one?

While not about race, this is a good movie to open up conversations with children about prejudice and differences. After all, dragons aren’t “evil.” They have emotions and are trying to survive.

Dirty Dancing

Next up is a classic that will have everyone up on their feet. Dirty Dancing stars the late Patrick Swayze as a man with a passion for dance. He meets Baby, a privileged white girl who realizes that she wants more from life than her family can offer. She wants adventure and experiences, and that leads to her pushing boundaries.

Shrek Forever After

While it’s not the best of the Shrek movies, it’s still one for the younger members of the family. This is the fourth movie in the franchise and one that sees Rumpelstiltskin become the villain.

Shrek is facing a midlife crisis. He’s tired of being a family man and wishes he was still feared by everyone around him. Meanwhile, Rumple is angry that he missed out on his chance to rule the kingdom by Shrek saving Princess Fiona. And so, Rumple gets Shrek to sign a contract that will change everything.


While it’s not the greatest Christian Bale movie out there, it’s still one to watch. Equilibrium is a little hit and miss depending on what you want to gain out of a movie, but it tells an intriguing tale of a world where emotions are outlawed. One police officer decides to take action to rebel against everything he’s supposed to stand for.

Equilibrium is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on June 7.

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Which Amazon movies are you checking out this weekend? What do you recommend to friends? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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