Just Mercy: Watch the movie for free throughout June to understand systematic racism

Just Mercy film, photo courtesy Sandy Casanova
Just Mercy film, photo courtesy Sandy Casanova /

Warner Bros. has made Just Mercy available for free on digital in June

There is no ignoring everything that is going on in the United States right now. If you are ignoring it, then you’re part of the problem. Warner Bros. is helping everyone understand systematic racism by making Just Mercy available for free on Digital throughout the month of June.

This is only in the United States right now. Hopefully, Warner Bros. will make it available globally for free for the month. After all, America is not the only place that is guilty of systematic racism—and racism in general. Even though it’s not free elsewhere, it’s a movie you need to watch.

The movie is available for free on all digital platforms. You can get it on Amazon Video right now.

Just Mercy is based on a true story

Warner Bros. knew it had to do something to teach people about systematic racism. What better way than the 2019 civil rights movie starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx? After all, Just Mercy isn’t just some made-up story that is designed to make white people feel guilty. It’s based on a true story and is a platform to raise awareness and to tell the deeper story of Bryan Stevenson.

Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) stood for hope. When Walter McMillian was wrongfully convicted of murder, Stevenson became his defense attorney. He took on a case that was an uphill battle. Despite evidence that proved McMillian was innocent, the jury still found him guilty. It was clear that it was racism. After all, as a black man, he was guilty until proven innocent—and even proof that should have created reasonable doubt wasn’t considered.

As Stevenson continues to try to prove McMillian’s innocence, he faces racism and abuse himself. It doesn’t stop him from fighting for justice. It’s a tiring battle, but one that can make everyone proud. It’s something we should all be doing to bring down the systematic racism happening around the world.

Watch the trailer for Just Mercy:

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You can now rent Just Mercy for free until the end of June 2020.