Amazon Prime Video this week, May 25-29: The Tracker and The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night -- Amazon Prime Video
The Vast of Night -- Amazon Prime Video /

The Tracker and The Vast of Night arrive on Amazon Prime Video this week

What is coming to Amazon Prime Video this week of May 25? Since the month is winding down, Amazon won’t be adding much new content to make way for the upcoming June releases.

However, two new movies are being added this week with The Tracker and Amazon’s original film, The Vast of Night.

Amazon Prime Video this week: The Tracker (2019)

The Tracker will arrive on Monday. Unfortunately, it is probably not going to get many people excited considering its lack of promotion and poor critical reception. However, if you like action-thrillers and you like Dolph Lundgren of The Expendables fame, you might find something worthwhile here.

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Lundgren stars as a man plagued by the murder of his family. He sets out to seek revenge on those who killed them. It sounds like a run-of-the-mill revenge tale.

Amazon Prime Video this week: The Vast of Night (2020)

If you can’t catch The Vast of Night at a drive-in theater, then you will be able to watch it this week, beginning on Friday, May 29. The Vast of Night should be a hit with anyone who enjoys sci-fi and films like Super 8 or even Netflix’s Stranger Things. It marks the directorial debut of Andrew Patterson and stars Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz.

Set in the 1950s, a young switchboard operator named Fay (McCormick) and radio DJ Everett (Horowitz) hear an odd audio frequency that threatens to change their lives forever. Fay and Everett try to hunt down the source of the sound, which takes them on an adventure full of mysterious tapes, anonymous phone calls, and more.

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What are you planning to watch on Amazon this week? Is there anything you hope comes to Amazon Prime Video soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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