HBO Max is coming in May: Is there an update about Amazon Channels?

HBO Max logo. Image Courtesy Warner Media
HBO Max logo. Image Courtesy Warner Media /

HBO Max is going to be available in May 2020. If you get HBO through Amazon Channels, you likely want to know if HBO Max will be available.

Many people get HBO through Amazon Channels. It’s no wonder that viewers want to know if the new HBO Max will be available through the same method. It keeps subscriptions in one place and ensures the cost is rolled into one bill.

HBO Max is officially set for release on May 27, 2020. That’s a little more than a month away, and many people will now look at the ways to get the new streaming service. After all, there are plenty of reasons to grab it, including the (still to be filmed) Friends reunion and Kaley Cuoco’s The Flight Attendant.

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Will it be available through Amazon Channels? There’s no update to say that it will be just yet. In fact, during the official press release sent by WarnerMedia about the new streaming service, only the direct link to HBO Max was included. This would suggest that it’s not going to be available as a subscription add-on through the likes of Amazon Prime.

This doesn’t mean it never will be available. However, WarnerMedia probably doesn’t think it needs to be available through this method anymore. When HBO was made available through Amazon Channels, this was the most trusted way of signing up to a streaming service. Other premium cable networks like SHOWTIME and STARZ also offered their apps through the Amazon Prime add-on.

Now, people are going to go directly to services. Many people already have the likes of Disney Plus, Apple TV+, and Netflix separately. Some will also sign up to HBO and STARZ separately. So, it would be surprising if WarnerMedia thinks HBO Max needs to be offered through Amazon Channels.

Will this mean HBO will be removed as a channel? Possibly as the contract runs out but that’s not for definite. We’ll worry about that if it ever comes to it.

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HBO Max is available from May 27, 2020.