3 Digital releases this week on Amazon Video: April 15

Kristen Stewart stars in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Underwater”.. Image Courtesy Alan Markfield/Twentieth Century Fox
Kristen Stewart stars in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Underwater”.. Image Courtesy Alan Markfield/Twentieth Century Fox /

If you’re looking for something new to watch this week, you’ll likely turn to Digital releases. Amazon Video has these movies to check out on Tuesday, April 15.

There isn’t much coming in terms of Digital releases on Amazon Video over the next couple of weeks. However, Tuesday, April 15 has some interesting female-led movies. All are on the serious side, although one horror does have some comedic moments thrown in.

There’s action, thriller, and horror coming to Amazon Video this week. Here are the big releases on Apr. 15 depending on your insterests.

3. Fantasy Island

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If you enjoy horror, Fantasy Island could be the Amazon Video release for you. Starring Lucy Hale, it focuses on a tropical island where all your fantasies can come true. Whether you want someone murdered or you’re interested in some naughty pastimes, they’re available.

It turns out they may be a little more real than you pictured. Hale’s character learns that the bully she wants revenge on is actually there. She’s watching her bully be tortured. Will she choose to save the bully or accept it as a reality? And what happens when everyone wants off the island?

2. Underwater

We head to the depths of the water this time. Kristen Stewart leads Underwater, a tale about scientific researchers at the depth of the ocean. Conditions change quickly. If you thought work was a challenge for you, wait until you see what a day in the office is like here.

One day, an earthquake damages the lab. The team of researchers will need to rebuild everything if they want the chance to survive. That’s not so easy when you can only use the items you have near you.

1. The Rhythm Section

Finally, we’re onto the Blake Lively-led thriller, The Rhythm Section. She stars as Stephanie Patrick, who’s entire family is killed in a plane crash. However, she finds out that plane crash wasn’t an accident. Now she needs to figure out who killed her family.

We watch Lively take on different looks and styles, as she figures out the who wanted her family killed. Is she on the hit list as well? She will be as he continues her journey of revenge.

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Which Digital releases on Amazon Video are you getting this week? What are you excited about coming to Digital? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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